Book Club

Discussions of feminist books and articles with a focus on intersectionality.

Copies of the reading materials can be provided if needed.

Come As You Are

Wednesday, January 4th @ 4pm EST


Join us for our next GWiS Book Club meeting! We’re reading Come As You Are, a book about health and sexuality written by Emily Nagoski, PhD. 

We have assembled a google document with free resources you can use to read the book, along with some other media such as Ted talks and podcasts.

Feel free to join even if you haven’t read the book! 

Managing Zoom Challenges

Thursday, October 29, 5-6pm


Past Book Discussions

Want to read any of the books from our past discussions?

Stop by at Big Red Barn’s new library. We are donating books from our monthly book club to the new BRB library. Feel free to browse these books for individual use or host your own book club with friends!

The library will also be open to book donations from graduate students and staff and can be used as a book swap space. 

These books are being made available to the Cornell community courtesy funding from the President’s Council of Cornell Women (PCCW)

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